How Dental Implants Benefit You On The Inside

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When you lose a tooth or teeth, it doesn't just affect your appearance, but also affects how you feel on the inside.  There are many options out there to rectify this problem, including dental bridges and dentures; however, there are very good reasons why you should consider dental implants.  As well as looking good, dental implants are the best option for ensuring that your jaw's bone structure is unchanged as it replaces your natural tooth root completely.

As mentioned at the start of the article, missing teeth can affect you emotionally and psychological and that dental implants are a great solution.  What then are the psychological benefits of dental implants?  A few are discussed below:

When You Look Good You Feel Good

There are definite physical benefits of dental implants – they fill in the gaps in your mouth and restore your smile; they are stronger than dentures and do not move around because they are firmly fixed in place.  However, the most surprising thing that people find from having dental implants is how much better they feel about themselves.


Once dental implants are firmly in place and have been fused to your bone and you are able to eat normally again, without food getting stuck in the gaps; you will start to feel better about yourself.  Your confidence will start build.  In part, this is undoubtedly because there is no longer those unattractive gaps that made you feel so unconscious before you had the dental implants put in.

Another reason why you feel so confident is also likely because you no longer have to worry, feel self-conscious or anxious about the gaps in your mouth, because they are no longer there.

Continue Life Hassle Free

Dentures are another less-intrusive solution to the problem of missing teeth.  However, as they are removable, they easily become loose and move around inside your mouth.  This can complicate even the simplest situations in life, such as eating food.  You do not have the same problem with dental implants though, because they are firmly fixed into place.  This means that you are able to just carry on with your life, free of hassle and embarrassment.

Success In Relationships And Career

As confidence seems to play a crucial part in attraction, it makes sense that having a nice smile that you feel proud of will make you feel better about yourself and improve how you come across to others.  When you feel confident and smile more often your will find that you have greater success talking to members of the opposite sex and starting relationships with them.

If you have been struggling to progress in your career or have put off starting a new career because you were not comfortable putting yourself out there on the job market because of your appearance; having dental implants may help. Contact a professional like Dr. John Michalopoulos to learn more.


13 July 2015

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