Money Saving Teeth Whitening Ingredients

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Almost everyone wants to have a bright white smile. Your smile is one of the first things that other people notice, and having a perfect smile is the best way to make a great impression. Going to the dentist and having your teeth professionally whitened allows for the best results, but this method is costly. If you are looking to save money, but still desire white teeth, there are a few cost saving teeth whitening methods that you can try.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This might be the go-to ingredient when you want to clean out a wound, but it can also be the perfect base for any DIY mouthwash. This is the main ingredient in almost all teeth whitening products that are for sale on the market, which means that it is safe for use. Even professional teeth whitening treatments offered by your dentist rely on the use of hydrogen peroxide for its teeth whitening capabilities. Simply rinse your mouth out with this ingredient after brushing your teeth once a day. Just be sure not to swallow the hydrogen peroxide, just as you would when using any traditional mouthwash.

Baking Soda

Before there was traditional toothpaste, many people used baking soda to clean their teeth. This is the reason why many brands of toothpaste still contain baking soda as a main ingredient today. You can dip your wet brush into baking soda and apply this mixture to your teeth. Let it sit on the surface of your teeth before you rinse your mouth with water and spit it out. The baking soda will penetrate deep to get rid of more than just surface stains. However, using baking soda too much can cause damage to the enamel. This means that you should only use this affordable teeth whitening method periodically.


Lemon might be the perfect addition to a glass of water, but it can also be an aid for getting a bright white smile. Mixing together lemon with salt will create a solution that can help rid your teeth of surface stains. If you drink quite a bit of coffee or other dark liquids, this can be the best way to prevent against dark stains. In addition to drinking through a straw, you can use the lemon teeth whitening method to keep your teeth from looking like you are an avid coffee drinker. You can purchase lemons for less than a few dollars, but you get a lot of teeth whitening potential.


1 October 2015

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