Cosmetic Dentistry: Three Options for Crooked Teeth

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The occlusion of teeth is an important aspect to consider with regard to dental and oral health. Unfortunately, perfect tooth alignment is not common due to different factors. In simple terms, most people have some form of malocclusion due to hereditary reasons. Crooked teeth can also occur as a result of poor jaw development, which can be linked to pre-existing conditions of the bones and even frequent asthmatic attacks. In addition, most people develop crooked teeth because of poor oral habits as children. These can include sucking the thumb and reverse swallowing, also called tongue thrusting. You should consult your cosmetic dentist regardless of the severity of your crooked teeth. The expert can perform cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance and alignment of your teeth.


Dental braces are highly effective orthodontic devices which are used to straighten crooked teeth and restore proper alignment. They can also improve general oral health by giving you a more natural bite. This treatment is the traditional choice for improving the appearance of teeth with severe malocclusion. Common conditions that are treated with braces include overbite, cross bite, under bite and general teeth crookedness. You should discuss your braces options with your cosmetic dentist to determine the best fit for you. The primary drawback of braces is that they can be an eyesore during the period of treatment.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are designed to overcome the main detriment of traditional braces. These devices are fabricated as transparent aligning plates which adjust the position of the teeth. The aligners are removable, and they are custom moulded to fit each patient's dental structure. There are different brand names, so you should inquire about the treatment plan. Generally, the dentist will create a series of the clear aligners for your teeth, each different than the preceding one as your teeth move. You will be required to wear each plate for a period of time until the teeth are repositioned enough for the next aligner. Clear aligners are favourable because they will not be apparent like braces. On the other hand, this is an unsuitable choice for severely misaligned teeth.

Contouring and Reshaping

Tooth reshaping and contouring procedures can be used in managing crooked teeth. Basically, this treatment involves removal of part of the tooth enamel so that the appearance of the tooth can be improved. This is an advantageous choice over the aligners and braces because the results are instantaneous. Unfortunately, the contouring and reshaping process is only viable for special cases of dental crookedness. 


8 December 2015

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