Maintaining Your Teeth after Tooth Whitening

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Tooth whitening is an excellent procedure that can help you have a brighter smile. However, following the tooth whitening procedure, proper care for your teeth is essential to ensuring that they retain the whiteness. A lot is involved in maintaining your whitened teeth, but you will get used to it. Therefore, to help you keep your teeth white and protected after undergoing the tooth whitening process, here are a few tips you will find useful.

Consider a Tooth Whitening Paste

One of the common ways of keeping your teeth white after the tooth whitening process is to use a tooth whitening paste. Tooth whitening paste acts by removing superficial stains on the surface of your teeth. This means that even if you drink red wine or coffee, which might have an effect on the colour of your teeth, you can simply restore the whiteness of your teeth by brushing with a whitening paste. It is therefore advisable to regularly brush using the whitening paste so that the stains don't linger on your enamel and become harder to remove later on.

Use Whitening Gum

Since you can't constantly brush your teeth, consider using whitening gum throughout the day. You should not use whitening gum as your replacement for proper brushing with whitening paste, but it can be a good temporary solution to help prevent tooth discolouration.

Rinse and Floss Regularly

Regular rinsing and flossing can also work to maintain white teeth after tooth whitening. Use a mouthwash that has whitening effect to reduce the risks of staining, especially after consuming stain-causing foods, drinks and beverages such as coffee, black and green tea, red wine and red grapes.

Consider Touch-up Treatments

Touch-up treatments after tooth whitening are essential to prevent your teeth from discolouring. Touch-up intervals will depend on the method of tooth whitening that was used on your teeth. You may find that you need a touch-up treatment after every 6 months or every year. However, if you drink a lot of coffee, red wine and tea among other stain-causing foods, drinks and beverages, you may need touch-up treatments more often than usual.

Use Straws on Stain-Causing Drinks

Use a straw to drink stain-causing drinks such as cola will reduce the contact of the drinks with your teeth, which reduces the chances of your teeth discolouring. You may want to reduce your intake of any drinks and beverages for which you cannot use a straw.

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29 April 2016

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