Are Herbal Teas Good For Your Teeth?

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While you may drink herbal teas because of their general health benefits or because you like their taste, you may be also be wondering about how these teas will affect your teeth. What are the dental advantages and disadvantages of drinking herbal teas?

The Advantages of Herbal Teas on Your Teeth

From a cosmetic perspective, drinking herbal teas may be more beneficial for your teeth than drinking regular brews. If you drink a lot of black tea, for example, the tannin content of the tea may ultimately stain your teeth, making your smile look less white and bright. This isn't an issue with pure herbal teas. These teas don't contain tannin, and you may notice a reduction in staining if you switch from black tea to a herbal variety.

Some herbal teas also contain properties that may boost your oral health if you're having problems. For example, chamomile tea contains antioxidants that may help soothe inflamed gums and bring down swelling. If you suffer from persistent bad breath, a cinnamon tea may freshen up your mouth and make it taste and smell better; however, you should also consider making an appointment with a dental clinic like Thomas Aulsebrook & Associates to discuss causes and treatments of your chronic bad breath.

The Disadvantages of Herbal Teas on Your Teeth

While herbal teas may give you some oral advantages, some teas aren't so good for your dental health. Drinking a tea made from herbs is typically not a problem; however, drinking teas made from fruits may give you some dental issues, especially if you habitually have a cup of fruit tea on the go.

While herbal teas may simply contain just herbs, fruit teas may contain extra ingredients such as fruit acids and acidic flavourings. These acidic substances may damage your tooth enamel, giving you problems such as dental erosion.

It's also important to avoid herbal teas that aren't as healthy as they claim to be. Making your own tea by infusing herbs or using a tea bag may not be a problem. Using powdered ready-made herbal teas may cause dental problems if the powder contains other ingredients such as acids or sugars, so you should check the ingredient list before using powdered products.

Tips: If you like to drink herbal teas and favour fruit varieties, there are ways you can get the benefits without the downsides. For example, the following tips may help:

  • Don't have a cup of fruit tea on the go all the time. While drinking a cold herbal tea may be nice, it's best not to sip on a cup over a long period of time. This increases the number of times your teeth may have to deal with acid attacks. It's best to drink the tea quickly rather than space it out over hours.
  • If you drink a fruit tea, take a drink of water or rinse your mouth out with water after you've finished your cuppa. The water may reduce the effects of erosion on your teeth by washing some of the acids away.


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