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When you or a child of yours need to have some teeth straightened, the good news is that there are many options available today, some of which are much faster and less uncomfortable than standard metal braces. Your orthodontist can explain metal craces to you but it's good to know a few added details about them so you can make the best choice for you or for your child.

Orthodontia treatments

One reason that metal braces are still in use today, even with the many other options for straightening teeth, is that they help to actually reshape the jaw line. This may not be enough to notice just by looking at someone, but this change can mean better support for your upper jaw as teeth rest on each other for that support. However, if you don't necessarily need to correct a severe overbite or other such problems, you may not need to go through years of having metal braces and can opt for something that straightens teeth just slightly, or which simply addresses the appearance of teeth and not the shape of the jaw.

Care and upkeep

If you get metal braces, you need to take extra time to clean them, usually with special small brushes. The process of brushing around metal braces can be a challenge. But without this proper cleaning, teeth can suffer from decay from food particles harboring bacteria and germs. A plastic tray that straightens teeth can often be easier to clean as it's simply removed from the mouth and then rinsed or brushed and put back in. This can be an especially important consideration for children who may neglect proper care of braces and adults who work and may not have time to clean wire braces after every meal or snack.

Appearance during straightening

For yourself or your child, you might worry about appearance while teeth are being straightened. If your child is already self-conscious, metal braces might make him or her feel even worse and become even more shy at school. It may sound extreme, but this could actually affect your child's self-esteem and ability to make friends. If you have a career where you meet new people and are worried about your appearance, metal braces can also be very distracting. A plastic tray, veneers or even caps that cover crooked teeth can be better in these cases.

For more information, talk to your orthodontist.


16 August 2016

Fillings: Everything You Need to Know

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