Common Whitening Mistakes that Could Actually Cost You Your Pearly Whites

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Tooth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure that can help improve the appearance of your teeth. When done properly, this conservative cosmetic procedure can result in higher self-esteem. There are many in-office or at-home whitening options, and many people don't understand the importance of proper whitening practices whether at home or at the dentist's. Read on to learn about these.

1. Not getting proper dental assessment

Before using any teeth whitening product, it is important to get a proper dental assessment to rule out oral diseases as the cause of discolouration. For instance, unhealthy gums can impact your teeth's vasculature, causing discolouration over time. Simply using at-home whitening products will therefore not address the root cause and could actually make things worse.

2. Whitening teeth in a beauty salon

Being a cosmetic procedure, some beauty salons offer tooth whitening services using a variety of products. The major challenge associated with this is the sterilization of equipment used in the teeth whitening process, since most of these places don't invest in the right disinfection equipment. In addition, aestheticians don't have the specialized knowledge required to properly assess and whiten your teeth. If you don't want an in-office whitening session, you may be safer using at-home whitening products.

3. Choosing generic dental trays

Dental trays are commonly used for at-home tooth whitening. You can choose between visiting a dentist to have a custom tray made specially for your teeth and choosing a generic tray that can be bought online or in drug stores. The danger with the latter is that such tooth guards will not properly fit onto your teeth since everyone has a unique dental print. As a result, whitening solution can spill and get swallowed, resulting in underwhelming results and even additional expenses. Customized trays fit properly without hurting your teeth and will keep the product in direct contact with your teeth for best results.

4. Over-using whitening toothpastes and products

Whitening products like toothpastes can be used to remove surface staining caused by food or tobacco use. These products are not designed for daily use – the chemicals contained therein are abrasive, and can result in thinner/weaker enamel if overused. At-home whitening products contain silica, which thins enamel and can give you tooth sensitivity and other complications resulting from thin enamel.

In addition, leaving products on for longer won't cause your teeth to be whiter. Carefully follow instructions about duration to avoid hurting your teeth. If you need results faster, it is better to pay for a single-visit whitening at your dentist's.


30 September 2016

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