3 Shade Designs for Porcelain Veneers

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One of the most durable ways to have whiter teeth is to have porcelain veneers designed for you. A successful outcome will depend on what choices you made regarding the shade of white for each tooth. This article discusses three shade options that you can select from as those veneers are fabricated.

Lightly Monochromatic Designs

Lightly monochromatic porcelain veneer colour designs are ideal for people who want all their teeth to be white without any variation of colour. Such a colour design is naturally common when one is still young and the teeth have not yet started undergoing any wear or staining. The monochromatic design therefore attempts to restore that youthful appearance of one's teeth. This design is also very easy to fabricate because the technicians hardly have any complications that they should guard against as the colour of the veneers is prepared.

Lightly Monochromatic Colour Effects

Another shade design that you can consider entails having the veneers made with a uniform colour. However, some colour effects are integrated into the overall design. For example, the sections of the veneers where your teeth meet can be made translucent so that they mimic what is observed in some people. Alternatively, the tips of your incisors can be made to be nearly translucent. Again, this is an effect that is fairly common in natural teeth. This shade design is likely to make your smile to appear more natural than the smile of someone who opts for the monochromatic design referred to earlier. This is especially so in case you were known to have teeth with a different appearance. Lightly monochromatic colour effects remove that potential appearance of artificiality.

Lightly Polychromatic Designs

You could also opt for a polychromatic veneer shade design. In this design, different shades of colour are given to the veneers that will be attached to the different teeth. Most adults have teeth with differing shades of white due to the unbalanced exposure to forces of wear and staining. However, not everyone can look attractive after having such polychromatic (multi-shade) veneers installed. You should therefore look at mock ups of the different possibilities of this design before you select the one that is most desirable for you.

Some patients often get disappointed with the outcome of having porcelain veneers installed in order to have a brighter smile. Many of those disappointments can be avoided if the patient worked closely with his or her dentist to narrow down the options of which shade designs can produce the best results. It is therefore advisable to avoid rushing this selection process. Have a trusted person to accompany you during these visits so that he or she can help you to avoid being clouded by your emotions.


14 September 2017

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