Worried About Getting Dentures? Learn About the Top Three Denture Myths to Feel Better Now!

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If you're getting dentures in the near future but you're feeling apprehensive, you might want to take a few moments to learn about some of the most famous denture myths. One or more of these common myths may be the reason that you've been dreading your new dentures. Once you've dispelled the following three dentures myths, you might just be more ready for your new dentures than you ever imagined.

Myth 1: Dentures Are Hard to Care For

This is one of the biggest dentures myths—and it couldn't be less true! In fact, you only need to remove dentures once a day, usually whilst you sleep. Care is dead simple: just soak your dentures in a specialised denture solution (plain water can work well also) overnight to clean them. You can also brush your dentures periodically using a soft bristle brush, but this takes just minutes and is as easy as brushing your natural teeth.

Myth 2: Dentures Are Uncomfortable

Many people worry about getting dentures because they fear that they'll be uncomfortable. In fact, it's often assumed that dentures are a "one size fits all" type of prosthetic that don't really feel comfortable on anyone. Actually, today's dentures are made from customised moulds of your mouth, which ensures a perfect fit. Each denture arch is perfectly proportioned just for you, and it will therefore be quite comfortable, especially once you grow accustomed to it. 

Myth 3: You Can't Eat Normally When You Have Dentures

Whilst you should avoid extremely challenging foods—for example, hard lollies or whole apples—you can usually eat nearly all of your favourite foods whilst wearing dentures. Even the more challenging foods can be eaten if you're willing to make adjustments in the way that you eat. For example, you can eat hard lollies by sucking them rather than chewing them, and you can enjoy crunchy apples if you cut them into slices. If you start to feel your dentures slipping or shifting a bit whilst eating, consider using some specialised denture adhesive next time you put your dentures in. Although your gums do provide natural suction that helps keep dentures stable, denture adhesive can help add extra stability, especially whilst you're getting accustomed to new dentures.

As you can see from the myths above, dentures aren't nearly as difficult as you may have previously thought. Speak to your dentist about additional tips and tricks to make your denture adjustment experience even easier!


3 January 2018

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