3 Tips to Prepare for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

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Until a few decades ago, adults thought that only kids and teens needed braces. Not anymore. Today, more adults are conscious of their appearance, and dental health is essential in this regard.  Therefore, if you want that great smile and are thinking of getting braces, then you are not alone. Adults are increasingly visiting dental clinics to get adult braces, either for cosmetic or medical reasons. Before you book an appointment with your dentist, however, you need to prepare adequately. Here are a few pointers as you plan to get adult braces.

Diet Change — You might already know that children are not supposed to eat crunchy or hard foods when they have braces. However, if you base your reasoning on the idea that children have fragile teeth, then you are wrong. If you are going to get adult braces, then you have to eliminate crunchy foods in your diet as well — at least for the duration you will have the braces on. The reason is that tough foods can easily dislodge bracing wires. Additionally, crunchy foods encourage the accumulation of plaque on adult braces. Notably, you can substitute your food with soups and smoothies since these will not affect the braces.

Don't Smoke — If you smoke, then you should start thinking of ways to curb the urge after getting braces. The reason is that smoking will work against the treatment process. For instance, smoke affects the gums, thereby interfering with treatment. Further, the adult dental procedure is quite expensive, even though the cost of adult and children braces is roughly the same. Therefore, there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a dental procedure only for the braces to be ruined by continued smoking. Moreover, if you are thinking of quitting smoking, adult braces might act as motivation to keep you grounded.

Payment Plan — The cost of getting adult braces depends on the complexity and duration of the treatment. Generally, the price of adult orthodontic treatment can range between $2000 and $9,000. Therefore, it is critical to have a payment plan in place before you visiting a dental clinic. If your insurance does not cover for orthodontic adult treatment, visit dental clinics that offer low or interest-free payment plans. Dental school clinics are also a great alternative because their costs are much lower when compared to private clinics. However, you need to know the specific days when dental school clinics are open to the public.  



27 July 2018

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