Are Small-Diameter Implants Better Than Mini Implants?

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While some people use regular dental implants, others use smaller options such as mini or small-diameter products. These implants have some similarities. They are both smaller than the norm. They don't need as much bone density to work, so you don't have to have bone augmentation treatment before your implant procedure if you have problems in this area.

However, these implants do have some differences. In some cases, these differences give small-diameter implants some advantages. What are they?

Extra Width

While the tiny size of a mini implant has its advantages, it also has some downsides. Sometimes, a mini product will be too small to work in a certain area. Or, you might have to increase the number of implants you need to hold multiple teeth.

Small-diameter implants are also small; however, they are larger than mini implants. This extra width makes them easier to use on larger sites. It can also reduce the number of implants you need to fit multiple teeth.

Extra Strength

Dental implants have a tough job. Their posts sit in your jaw bone to hold a false tooth or, in some cases, multiple teeth. While the success rate here is high, implants can sometimes fail. For example, they might fracture or come loose.

Small-diameter implants have an advantage over mini implants in strength terms. While small diameter products are still smaller than regular implants, their extra size over mini-implants gives them some extra holding strength. It also makes them more robust.

One-Piece or Two-Piece Options

Regular dental implants have two pieces. Your dentist inserts a post in your jaw and leaves it to heal. They then put an attachment on the post to hold the tooth.

Mini implants only have one piece. This goes into your jaw and holds the tooth.

Small-diameter implants give you more choice. You can use one-piece products that work like mini implants, or you can use two-piece products that work like regular implants.

This extra choice is useful, especially if you need a more complex treatment. For example, two-piece implants can use different attachments. This can be useful if your dentist has to work with difficult angles or if you want the choice of using fixed or removable false teeth.

If you want a dental implant fitted, talk to your dentist about your options. While small-diameter implants are the best choice for some people, mini implants are a better choice for others. Your dentist can recommend which treatment is best for you.


16 June 2022

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