Why You Should Attend a Regular Dental Checkup

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Are you currently committing to regular dental checkups? Ideally, you'll see your dentist once every six months to maximise your oral health. Although it may feel tempting to reduce those intervals, doing so isn't in your best interests health-wise. Here are three reasons to attend your regular dental checkups.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

A visit to your dentist doesn't always mean you're capturing problems in the moment. In a lot of cases, you're preventing them before they begin. Preventative dental care can focus on reducing your risk of gum disease, stopping breakages, and addressing unique issues such as grinding. Although you won't always prevent every issue that could arise, regular visits to your dentist increase your chances of doing so. Additionally, if you've recently received treatment your dentist can introduce a maintenance plan that keeps your mouth in a good state of health. 

Capturing Problems Early

Your dentist is more likely to spot problems at an earlier stage than you will. For example, they can detect the signs of gum disease by looking at their shade. They can also spot small fractures that could progress into bigger chips. Using tools such as x-rays, they can spot areas of disease that they wouldn't otherwise see. Overall, catching problems early benefits your systemic as well as your oral health. When your dental team tackles gum disease early, they can prevent tooth loss. They may also prevent systemic infections or even conditions such as heart disease. In addition to benefiting your health, capturing conditions early.

Meeting New Medical Needs

As your medical profile changes, your dental needs may change too. For example, if you fall pregnant then your teeth don't benefit from as much calcium. This can make them weaker, which may require some dental interventions. Similarly, certain medications may make your mouth dry, which makes it easier for bad bacteria to breed. Also, if you develop a condition such as diabetes, your risk of infection rises. It's hard for your dental team to stay up to date with your evolving medical needs if you don't see them regularly. By visiting them frequently, you can follow their advice on keeping your teeth healthy come what may.

If you find it difficult to plan ahead for appointments due to work commitments, try finding a dentist that leaves some room for emergency bookings. Always set a reminder on your phone or on your email so you remember to attend.


5 August 2022

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