What Side Effects Can You Experience After Teeth Whitening?

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Teeth whitening is a common treatment offered by dental offices, and the main type your dentist is likely to offer is the professional bleaching method. This method has been developed to avoid damaging your tooth enamel and can remove common stains, such as coffee, and lighten your teeth by several shades. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment and tends to be used by those wishing to improve the appearance of their smile, but as with any type of treatment, it's possible to experience some side effects. The side effects associated with teeth whitening are generally mild and temporary, but understanding what to expect can help you make your mind up about having your teeth whitened. Here's an overview of what some people experience for a short period after having their teeth whitened:

Localised Irritation And Inflammation

It's not uncommon for your gums to feel a little irritated after teeth whitening, and there can be some mild inflammation. This is usually caused by the whitening agent coming into contact with your delicate gum tissue. Additionally, the whitening agent can make contact with the soft pulp of your teeth if there are fine cracks in your enamel, and this can cause some irritation that may flare up when you eat.

Sensitive Teeth

As the whitening agent can be a mild irritant, your teeth can become sensitive for a few days after a whitening treatment. You're most likely to notice this when eating hot or cold foods. You can lessen the discomfort of sensitive teeth by using a straw for hot and cold drinks, which will prevent your teeth from coming into contact with them. Your dentist can also recommend a toothpaste that can reduce the sensitivity.

Throat Or Stomach Irritation

 Some people will accidentally swallow a small amount of the whitening agent during treatment, and this can lead to throat or stomach irritation. If you experience this, you may find cold drinks are soothing for your throat and sticking to soft foods that are easy to digest can help your stomach settle quickly. You shouldn't be in significant pain, so if you are, you should see a doctor to establish whether you have something else going on, such as a virus.

Teeth whitening is considered safe and effective. Most people are able to have their teeth whitened, but your dentist will carry out a dental exam beforehand to ensure your teeth are in good enough condition to have the treatment carried out. They will also provide you with aftercare advice and you should get in touch with them if you have any concerns about your oral health after having your teeth whitened.

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19 May 2023

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