3 Bleeding Gum Remedies You Should Know

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Have you noticed some bleeding when flossing or brushing? Bleeding gums are usually a sign of gum disease, often resulting from dental issues such as injuries or teeth infections. While bleeding gums aren't painful, they shouldn't be ignored because the underlying dental problem can become more severe. However, before you visit your dentist, it's imperative to understand that you may be able to cure or stop your bleeding gums even without seeing a dentist.

11 June 2018

Teeth Whitening: Three Tips for Avoiding Home Treatment Common Mistakes

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If you are concerned about the discolouration of your teeth, you should consult a dentist for in-office whitening. This treatment option is favourable because dental experts have products and tools which are not available on the general market. Therefore, the results will be exceptional. In addition, in-office whitening procedures are regulated and handled by experienced experts. So, there is minimal risk of teeth damage. However, if you prefer DIY treatments, there are some over-the-counter solutions that you can utilise.

25 April 2018

Questions to Bring Up With Your Family Dentist

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When you visit your family dentist, it's good to discuss any and all concerns you have about your oral health and about the condition of your teeth and mouth. Your dentist can do much more than just clean your teeth while you're in his or her office; a dentist can give you personalized advice on how to keep your teeth healthy between visits and how to avoid conditions that might otherwise affect your mouth and throat.

21 March 2018

How Dental Contouring Can Fix Minor Cracks and Chips

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A chipped or cracked tooth might feel like a catastrophe—like something that can only be remedied with some fairly major dental work. Of course, this might in fact be the case when the chip or crack is significant. In these instances, the tooth in question might need to be rebuilt using dental cement, or perhaps sealed under a dental crown. But of course, not all dental damage is the same. In the case of small chips and cracks, your dentist might suggest a minor procedure known as enameloplasty, which is a form of teeth contouring.

14 March 2018

Three Essential Tips for Preserving Dental Sealants and Preventing Decay

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Dental sealants can help you protect your children from the consequences of tooth decay and cavities. These products are highly valuable after the permanent teeth erupt. In simple terms, the plastic dental film will cover the grooves on the molars of your child's teeth. Typically, harmful oral bacteria hide in the fissures of the molars. When these microorganisms digest sugars, they produce acids which corrode the teeth, causing decay and cavities.

21 February 2018

Laser Whitening vs. In-Home Trays: Which Is Right for You?

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There are few things more universally attractive than a smile full of white teeth, so it should come as no surprise that tooth whitening treatments are so popular. There are quite a few options available, but people who want a professional solution will often find themselves trying to decide between laser treatment and in-home trays with bleaching gel. Well, there's no one right answer for everyone, but there's probably a right answer for you.

24 January 2018

Worried About Getting Dentures? Learn About the Top Three Denture Myths to Feel Better Now!

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If you're getting dentures in the near future but you're feeling apprehensive, you might want to take a few moments to learn about some of the most famous denture myths. One or more of these common myths may be the reason that you've been dreading your new dentures. Once you've dispelled the following three dentures myths, you might just be more ready for your new dentures than you ever imagined.

3 January 2018