Which Toothpaste Is Right for You?

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You probably already know that brushing your teeth with toothpaste every day is the best way to prevent cavities and keep your teeth healthy. However, you might be overwhelmed by the range of different toothpastes that are available. One way to find the best toothpaste for you is to ask your dentist at your next check-up to recommend one to suit your individual needs. In the meantime, you can take a look at the following information to help you decide which toothpaste to use.

16 August 2021

4 Benefits of Installing Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth

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Losing a tooth due to infection or injury can be devastating. Once you lose permanent teeth, you should substitute them with effective dental prostheses such as dentures. Many people have to replace their natural teeth with dentures at some point in their lives.  Though dentures may not be as effective as natural teeth, they come with numerous benefits. To many patients, the benefits of dentures are more than enough. If you have lost one or more teeth, here are four reasons to consider dentures: 

13 July 2021

Compelling Reasons to Have Your Teeth Whitening Needs Met Exclusively by a Cosmetic Dentist

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One of the first things that you notice when you meet someone is their smile. So if your teeth are plagued by stains, you instinctively would want to fix this. However, simply because DIY whitening kits are available over the counter, does not mean that this is the right approach. What many consumers do realize is that the DIY kits do more harm than good. Instead, it is best to leave this job to a professional.

24 May 2021

Tips to Get You Through the First Few Days with Clear Aligners

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Wearing clear aligners for the first time can be exciting because it is the first step towards a new smile. However, the first few days can be somewhat uncomfortable. Without a proper routine, patients tend to struggle, which can change their perception about the benefits of clear aligners. This is why patients are encouraged to get aligners from orthodontists. Not only do professionals make properly fitting aligners, but they also advise patients on what to do to get through the first few days.

12 April 2021

Why Do Symptoms Sometimes Return After a Root Canal?

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Many people have a few things about their body that they'd like to change. Sometimes you can change these things yourself (diet and exercise), and sometimes you might need some help (cosmetic procedures). But there are certain things about your body that you're powerless to change, such as the layout of your dental pulp chambers. But how is this even relevant to your life? Your Pulp Chambers You might be blissfully unaware of the fact that you even have dental pulp chambers.

26 February 2021

5 Things to Look For in a Dentist If You Have Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety affects many dental patients. In fact, many people avoid dental treatment because of anxiety and fear. This anxiety is usually connected to a traumatic event from a person's youth, such as a difficult dental appointment. And many patients fear that dentist might be hard on them if their teeth are in poor condition. If you suffer from dental anxiety, then you need to research dentists before you settle on one.

26 January 2021

Gum Health: The Danger of Deep Pockets

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It's good to have deep pockets, isn't it? This generally means that you have considerable financial resources, allowing you to dig into those pockets whenever you feel the need. There's another type of deep pockets that you certainly don't want to have. Deep gingival pockets can signpost future problems for your teeth and are something that needs to be corrected. The Formation of Gum Tissue The irregular formation of gum tissue that can indicate an excessively deep gingival pocket is usually discovered during a regular dental checkup.

9 December 2020

5 Common Tooth-Brushing Mistakes

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Cleaning your teeth might seem like a simple task, but there many errors that people make which can make brushing less effective. Do you make any of these five mistakes when you brush? 1. Brushing Too Briefly Dentists recommend brushing teeth for two minutes to remove all the plaque that has built up on them throughout the day or night. However, many people brush for far less time. One solution is to purchase an electric toothbrush that has a timer, but you could also time yourself using a watch or phone.

26 October 2020

Why White Bread Is Very Bad News for Teeth

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Do you enjoy eating sandwiches with white bread each day? Then you should probably think about switching to whole grain instead of white bread. Although white bread is by far the most popular bread in Australia, it is also the most damaging when it comes to your dental health. If you consume white bread regularly, you could increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. White Bread Is Easier for Oral Bacteria to Digest

24 August 2020

What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

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A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is placed in your jawbone. This titanium material is implanted in your jaw to provide support for a denture, bridge or a crown. The two types of implants are endosteal and subperiosteal implants. The endosteal implant is placed inside your jaw bone, whereas a subperiosteal implant is placed on your jaw bone if you have insufficient bone height or cannot wear dentures.

17 June 2020