Maintaining White, Healthy Teeth

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Keeping your teeth naturally white won't just improve your smile and boost your confidence, it can also help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and reduce bad odours, providing you follow a natural oral care regime. There are many products on the market that are aimed at improving breath and killing bacteria, however they can actually be detrimental to your oral health. Mouthwashes that contain too much alcohol are one such example, as they dry out your mouth and limit the production of saliva, the body's first natural defence against bacteria.

20 December 2016

How Crown Lengthening Could Help You

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If you want to build up some of your teeth in order to get a fuller and more perfect smile, you may be able to have a process known as "crown lengthening" performed by your dentist, so that you can get the smile you desire. What is involved here? Why You May Need the Process As people age, it's not uncommon for their teeth to grind down due to normal wear and tear to such an extent that not much of the teeth is still exposed above the gum line.

12 December 2016

Becoming a Dentist in Australia

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A dentist is a healthcare professional with specialised training in the care of the teeth and the supporting structures. Practising dentists are required to be professionally registered with the regulatory authority in Australia and to maintain very high ethical standards in the course of their career. Becoming a dentist can be very rewarding, but it requires strong interests in the medical sciences and ability to pay attention to details. Ability to think in three dimensions and capacity for good hand-eye coordination are very helpful skills.

30 November 2016

Three tips for dealing with a broken tooth

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Teeth can sometimes crack or chip after a fall, after a facial injury or if the person has bitten down on a particularly hard piece of food. This can be quite an alarming and physically painful experience; however, there are steps you can take to reduce your discomfort and minimise the damage done. Employ some self-care measures Immediately after cracking a tooth, you should rinse out your mouth with lukewarm water, to remove any tiny tooth shards and blood that may be present.

16 November 2016

Fixing Minor Dental Imperfections Immediately: Are You a Candidate for Dental Contouring?

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Cosmetic dentistry can achieve some remarkable things. A missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant that is stronger than the original tooth ever was. A dental crown can be fitted over a broken tooth, again giving it a durability that surpasses a natural tooth. The downside to many cosmetic dentistry procedures is the cost. There's also the necessary waiting time to contend with since many of these procedures require multiple visits over the course of several months, such as when you're waiting for a prosthetic tooth to be custom-made.

21 October 2016

Common Whitening Mistakes that Could Actually Cost You Your Pearly Whites

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Tooth whitening is a common cosmetic procedure that can help improve the appearance of your teeth. When done properly, this conservative cosmetic procedure can result in higher self-esteem. There are many in-office or at-home whitening options, and many people don't understand the importance of proper whitening practices whether at home or at the dentist's. Read on to learn about these. 1. Not getting proper dental assessment Before using any teeth whitening product, it is important to get a proper dental assessment to rule out oral diseases as the cause of discolouration.

30 September 2016

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth at Work

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When you are at work, you probably don't have time to consider your oral health. However, the decisions you make during the working week can have a big impact on the health of your teeth and gums. If you want to protect your teeth while maintaining focus on your work, you need to establish some healthy habits. Take a look at these four tips to help you take care of your teeth at work.

15 September 2016

Teeth Whitening Treatments Available To You

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Generally, deciduous teeth (commonly referred to as baby teeth) will always be whiter than adult teeth. As you become older, your permanent teeth steadily become stained, which gives them a darker or yellower appearance. This is why it should not come as a surprise that opting for teeth whitening is one of the ways to make you appear more youthful than you really are. There are a number of reasons why your teeth will become discoloured over time.

29 August 2016

Help for Choosing Braces

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When you or a child of yours need to have some teeth straightened, the good news is that there are many options available today, some of which are much faster and less uncomfortable than standard metal braces. Your orthodontist can explain metal craces to you but it's good to know a few added details about them so you can make the best choice for you or for your child. Orthodontia treatments

16 August 2016

New Braces: Your Cleaning Options

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If your orthodontist has just fitted you with a new set of braces, you may be wondering about how you will be able to keep them clean. Below is a brief guide to the different options you have when it comes to keeping your braces nice and clean as part of your oral hygiene routine. Rinse Your Mouth Out After every meal, you should rinse your mouth with water. This will help to prevent food debris from becoming stuck in between the braces and your teeth.

27 July 2016